Blog post for PRM: Working Hard or Hardly Working?


The Project

During the third and last semester in the Digital and Print Publishing program at Langara College, we created the online version of PRM. I was in the Editing – Promotions Department, where, apart from editing, selecting images, and posting all of the articles of the print version plus some additional ones, we were tasked with writing the Blog section. Normally, this section is in video format, as you can see from previous years. However, given COVID-19 restrictions, we weren’t allowed to meet in groups to film other people, so we wrote about our experiences during those challenging and unparalleled times.

The Process

We decided on a number of topics we wanted to talk about. In this particular case, I proposed studying online during COVID-19, which was approved, so I wrote my post. After that, I submitted the text to the other editor in the department and we had a back and forth of corrections and changes in style to give the piece the tone we wanted to convey.

The Result

The text was successfully posted in the Blog section of PRM.

Read the post here.

Illustration by Mishayla Van Ry.

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