Copy Editing: “The Show Must Go On”


The Project

“The Show Must Go On” is an article written by Alexandre Jay, which was selected as a feature article for the 32nd issue of PRM (formerly Pacific Rim Magazine). 

As a member of the Editorial Department, I did the copy editing. This stage of the editing process took place during the COVID-19 pandemic, so we worked from home with our own computers. We could not edit on printed copies of the articles.

The Process

We worked in pairs, that is, two members of the Editorial Department shared one article. One of them did the first round of copy editing, and then passed it on to the other Editor, who added their own edits to the same copy. We consulted with each other all the time. It was a team effort. 

In this article, we worked on the flow of the text, clarifying structures and avoiding repetitions. We checked grammar, punctuation, and spelling. We also had to make sure we were applying the stylesheet we had developed especially for this issue of the magazine. 

We had tight deadlines in this stage too: 24 hours for each Editor to work on an article. We used track changes in Word.

The Result

The piece was successfully published in the 32nd issue of PRM, both in its print and online versions.

Read the article here.

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