Article: “Piecing It Together”


The Project

During the first semester of the Digital and Print Publishing Program at Langara College, and as a final project for the course Writing for Publication, we had to write a 1500/1800-word article that could be selected and published in the 32nd issue of PRM (formerly Pacific Rim Magazine). 

For this new issue of the magazine, the overall theme was the creative arts industry. I chose the Japanese art of kintsugi, a technique to mend broken pottery with lacquer and gold, which has been gaining popularity in the Western world in the past few years.

The Process

We developed ideas for articles and chose the most suitable of them. We then did extensive research about the topic and contacted sources to interview. I did three interviews: one in person and two via Skype (since one of them lives in Ottawa and the other, in Nara, Japan). 

Then we worked on the lede and the different parts of the article, wrote a first draft, and at the end of the course, submitted our final draft.

The process lasted two and a half months from the moment we developed the ideas up to the submission of the final draft of the article.

The Result

The piece was selected to be part of the in the 32nd issue of PRM. It went through an extensive editing process, in which it was shortened, given it would be one of the section features. Finally, it was successfully published in PRM’s both print and online versions.

Read the article here.

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