The Project

During the first semester of the Digital and Print Publishing program at Langara College, in the Photoshop course, one of our final assignments was to combine multiple images to create a composite or photo-illustration. We had to use at least four copyright-free images and consider lighting quality and colour to get a realistic result.

The Process

After choosing the images carefully, I masked the ghost and landscape photos. I colour corrected the landscape to give it the appearance of night time. The ghost image uses three different opacity percentages. Finally, I retouched the gravestones to make it look they are part of the place.

The Result

This is the final composite image.

Photo-illustration final version


  •  Starry sky by Rene Tittmann on Pixabay.
  •  Rocky landscape by David Marcu on Unsplash.
  •  Old gravestones by Jazella on Pixabay.
  •  Angel statue by Alexas Fotos on Pixabay.
  •  Woman by Nadim Merrikh on Unsplash.

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