Greeting Card


The Project

During the second semester, in the Advanced Typography course at Langara College, we were tasked with creating a greeting card that included a quote applied to a background image. For the quote, we had to use a minimum of five typefaces. The background had to be appropriate to the quote.

The Process

Working with typography in Illustrator.

I used Illustrator to choose and set up the typefaces for the quote. Then I converted the text to outlines and pasted it on the background image in Photoshop. Here, I colour corrected the image slightly and used blending modes and retouching tools to make the text look as if it was part of the wall.

We set up the finished card in InDesign, in a specific Langara’s greeting card template. Finally, we handed in two printed versions: one on thick paper, trimmed and folded, and another in regular paper, not trimmed, with crop marks and registration marks; and a pdf version with crop marks and registration marks.

The Result

This is the final version of the greeting card (before being set up in the InDesign template).


Quote by Ray A. Davis | Photo by Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas on

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